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574 Montgomery Street
Napa, CA 94559

P I 707.477.1403

Cabernet Sauvignon made by a small group of Napa Valley artisans whose careers were built producing top-rated wines for prestigious vintners. Offered by industry insiders utilizing hush-hush vineyards gems and savvy winemaking.

Look for our “Secret Decoder Ring” to discover the real source of each lot.

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A Noble Experiment

Do you desire access to the some of Napa Valley’s finest wines available only to insiders?

Perhaps you will be interested in Punch Vineyards, a little caper established in 2007 by a small circle of Napa Valley winemakers who make acclaimed wines for elite vintners. Together, they have dozens of 95+ point accolades from Wine Spectator, Wine Advocate, and others. Alas, we could not afford the very wines we created, even with the employee discount. Hmmm. They know the best vineyards. They know the finest techniques. So, they challenged ourselves to make a Cabernet Sauvignon of similar quality for ourselves, for $35. The wine: Punch.

As word leaked out, the circle of Punch Insiders slowly expanded, so they have gradually increased production. A little.

The First “Super-Californian”

Do not be fooled by the “California” label appellation. This is how Punch keeps quality super high and name-droppers away. Compare Punch to a $75+ Napa Valley Cab. Why? Because Punch is made of $75+ Napa Valley Cab (see right). Drinkable upon release. Age Punch 10+ years if you like. But why wait?

How They Do It

Each vintage, Punch’s ringleaders taste nearly 100 lots from insider vineyards, mostly hillside Napa Valley. We select our favorites and give them the royal treatment: rack-and-return, frequent barrel topping, etc. just like the cult wineries. Sources may change; quality and value don’t.

Mereto means “You have to earn it.” It takes time and experience to create excellence. Punch includes Lee Nordlund, Miguel Caratachea and other highly regarded winemakers whose identity must remain confidential as they are named winemakers for other prestigious Napa Valley wineries. But their heart remains in Punch.

Wine List Description: Classic hillside Napa Valley Cab with deep concentration and many layers of flavors. Unique velvety texture. Exceptional long, mouth-watering finish.

“Punch might just be one of the best-kept secrets in California wines. – Uncorked Monthly, 6.28.14

“Lee is the driving force behind Punch Vineyards, a winery with two diametrically opposed goals: 1. Produce outstanding Napa Valley Cabernet Sauvignon. 2. Produce affordable Napa Valley Cabernet Sauvignon. He has succeeded at both.” – The Wine Snark, 8.25.14

“If you drink Punch you won’t be punch drunk – you’ll be wildly happy with this wine.” – Boozehoundz, 8. 14