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BACKSTAGE bak-staj: a special place where only a select few are allowed to experience the best shows. In our case – this is a wine from our most premium grapes. Hand-selected to produce the finest quality wine. The BACKSTAGE wines are extremely limited and extremely incredible.

Chardonnay & Cabernet Sauvignon

Our Four Vineyards

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In 2010 we started our quest for a super-premium vineyard to produce a very exclusive wine.  We wanted a wine suitable for serving to wine consumers who demand extremely high quality wines.  After finding our vineyard(s), in the Napa Valley, we focused our attention to every detail.  We hand prune each vine for optimal sun exposure and fruit intensity.  We hand pick our grapes to select bunches at the perfect ripeness.  We then, hand select each bunch before puting the fruit into the crusher.  Our usable tons average only 1.5 per acre – as we are extremely selective in only using the very best grapes for our Backstage wine.  We purchased only the best quality wine barrels to age our wines.  We bottle our wines in the strongest, most durable glass – with long, all natural corks.  Most importantly, we used the best winemaking techniques available in order to produce this extremely incredible wine.

We use 60 gallon French oak barrels to make the finest wine: Quercus Petraea and Quercus Robur are the two types of white oak grown in France. Of the two Quercus Petraea is considered the finer – which is, of course, the oak that we use for our Backstage wines.  The most important oak forests in France are Allier, Nevers and Tronçais (all in central France), Vosges in the northeast, and Limousin, which is more westerly near the Cognac region. Of the five, Limousin is the only forest to grow Quercus Robur.

We use the finest corks when bottling our Backstage wines: Natural cork has been the closure material of choice for high-quality wines. Impermeable to liquids and gasses, compressible and elastic, natural cork is time-tested and proven to effectively seal glass bottles — protecting wine from oxidation while enabling optimum oxygen transfer needed for wine to mature.Natural cork is also 100% renewable, recyclable and biodegradable. Cork production is eco-friendly and sustainable. Punched from renewable, responsibly harvested bark of the cork oak (Quercus suber).  Corks have the smallest carbon footprint of any standard wine closure, and the forests their use preserves provide our planet critical ecological services, reducing CO2 greenhouse gasses from our atmosphere while sustaining an abundance of fragile habitat and wildlife.

Tasting Notes:

Cabernet Sauvignon


Cabernet Sauvignon


Cabernet Sauvignon